The Curriculum

The Big C. Cancer. Specifically Hodgkins Lymphoma, is why I am writing this blog. Do I have your attention now (said in the Verizon man’s “Do you hear me now?” voice)? Good. Now that we’ve gotten the hard part out of the way, here’s all you need to know about me: I’m Katie, I’m 22 years old, have an incredible obsession with hot dogs, I hate cheese- except if it’s on pizza, I am an unemployed registered nurse, I love to make people laugh, and most importantly, my mom told me to start this blog because I need a new hobby.

Let’s address the curriculum of this blog. First, if you haven’t read Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, you seriously have to. Second, the name of this blog comes from that book, obviously. My chemotherapy treatments take place on Tuesdays, and although I’ve already had two, I’ll catch you up to speed on how they go. Wake up early, wait, sit in a chair, wait some more, sit in another chair, go home. It’s a perfect time to reflect about what’s on my mind. Any questions? No? OK, moving on.

This blog will not be all about cancer. Before this asshole Hodgkins decided to become my Craigslist roommate from hell, I did fun stuff, and I still do fun stuff, I just have to neurotically wash my hands and ask if anyone is sick before hanging out with them :). But then again, this blog kinda might be all about cancer because it is apart of me every moment of every day. I’ll make it fun and light though, I promise! For example, at my first appointment, my doctor asked if I had been experiencing any symptoms such as decreased appetite or weight loss. I literally said “I wish” out loud. (Note: the end of my senior year of college was pretty much a blend of take out food and one too many vodka sodas, which didn’t give me the best summer beach bod).

So come take this journey with me. Maybe you’ll laugh and *hopefully* you won’t cry, unless it’s from laughing so hard. Or don’t. Do whatever you want. Bai.


If only this job could pay back student loans…


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