The Student

This is the “about you” section. Who, besides my mom, will be reading this blog? Hopefully everyone. It’s not going to cater to a specific type of person, mostly because I don’t care. This blog is an outlet for comic relief. I’d go do stand-up comedy, but I have to steer clear of big crowds at certain times of the month because of my blood counts. But now that I think about it, there probably won’t be a large crowd at my first show. My second show, there probably will be a large crowd because Tina Fey will happen to be in the audience  for my first show and she will tweet about how hilarious I am and then people will be pining to get their hands on a ticket to my next show. But, my first will definitely be empty. Maybe I should sign up for stand-up. Brb gotta Google something…

Oh yea, this is the section about you, the reader, the student, my precious. JK, creepy. This blog is to keep you entertained. You might be in a similar situation as me, and we can bond about how freakin’ weird cancer is (I still can’t wrap my head around it) and what kind of moisturizer you use because my hands are so damn dry all the time. Or you might not have any idea how to relate to me, but you find yourself enjoying the posts anyway. That’s OK too, I’d still like to bond with you. Regardless, we’re both going to learn from each other, and I can’t wait to get the lesson plans started.

2 thoughts on “The Student

  1. I love true blue spa super rich hand cream from bath and body works… I use it at work since I am also an RN and am in constant danger of having my hands crack and then bleeding to death as a result from all the hand sanitizer we use… 🙂


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