The Twenty-Ninth Tuesday: We Talk About the “New” Kind of Tuesdays

It’s been a little over two months since chemo ended, and a little under one month since my scans came back. Between then and now, my life has been returning to “normal,” whatever that means.

My Tuesdays now are much different than my Tuesdays a couple months ago. Instead of spending my day in a chemo chair, I often spend my day in a chair in my house either watching TV or reading. Maybe I’ll feel adventurous and go to the mall or make a trip to Starbucks, but for the most part, I spend Tuesdays just hanging out.

There were some Tuesdays a couple months ago when I woke up when it was still dark out, dreading the day ahead of me, thinking that a chill Tuesday would never come. But here I am! And I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated a day of the week more (although Saturdays in college are a hard day to beat).

Today I got to spend the day at my grandparent’s house. On this edition of “Tuesdays with Mommom & Poppop,” we looked at some old albums my Mommom had found that had articles from when her father and his brother served in World War I. There was also articles from when my Poppop got injured in World War II on D-Day. Every time I go there, I learn something new about my family, and I get to hear a story or two that make me laugh. My Mommom had an amazing memory that her and my mom share in common. They could both tell you really specific details weather it be about the weather, or what my mom wore on the first day of kindergarten.

I also have a pretty decent memory. But lately, I feel like the whole “chemo brain” thing is so real. Chemo brain is like this mental fog some people experience during and after chemo. I never knew how real it was, until I would be telling a story mid sentence and would completely forget what I was talking about. And even after treatment, I still feel the effects. I don’t think it affected my long-term memory, considering I can also still remember what I wore on the first day of kindergarten (blue dress), what my dad made me for lunch in first grade (cucumber sandwiches with Italian dressing … so strange) and the steps to the first Irish dance I ever learned. But I have noticed that my attention span has decreased and I tend to zone out a lot. Maybe it’s just cause I’m bored all the time though, so who knows.

This Tuesday was one of the best to date. I got to spend it in a chair in my grandparents cozy house. The weather was absolutely stunning, which reminded me that summer is so close, I can taste the saltwater. And I ate a really good turkey sub. And then I also ate a really good tuna wrap. Don’t judge me, I couldn’t eat that stuff for six months so you know I am indulging.

When chemo started, those were my new Tuesdays. But now that I’m putting that chapter behind me, my new, new Tuesdays are possibly the best day of the week.

*side note* I had the most amazing birthday week last week. Started with news that I’m getting my port out earlier than expected (YAY!!!!). Then a surprise from my roommate from school, like I walked out of work Wednesday and she was across the street from the building. A day in the city with my big where we picnicked and then swung napkins in the air at an Italian restaurant. Dinner with my family Friday. And a day of bottomless brunch and soaking up the good weather at a rooftop bar with my best gal pals in the city. I have never felt so sure that a year was going to be so good in my life. I love everyone who reached out to me and wished me a good one. Here’s to you and me and 23 👌🏼🥂

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